Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Anne Boleyn

Fan or Foe?
You can never get enough of 
Anne Boleyn and her relationship with Henry VIII

Command of the King 
A new dimension to the story of 
Anne Boleyn as she captivates Henry,
King of England

Anne Boleyn arrives at the Tudor court as 
Henry VIII enters the most complex phase in a man’s life —
his middle age crisis.

Aware the king is unhappy and vulnerable, the courtly nobles exploit his flaws and frailties setting off an unstoppable chain of events. 
Anne Boleyn becomes the King’s obsession and nothing will turn Henry from achieving his ultimate goal.  Anne’s command of the King turns from a playful flirtation into a deadly game of politics.

Anne Boleyn ~ Command of the King

by Christine Elaine Black
copyright 2016

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