Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Release Day for RING ME LATER


A second chance at romance turns deadly.

Jack Barron is a reclusive, billionaire, hotelier who never got over his first love. Lisa Carpenter moved to London to escape him and his obsession with money.
 After five years, Lisa returns to Los Angeles to work in public relations at a medical center. She’s certain their paths won’t cross but they do…almost immediately. Forced into working together, because of a multi-million dollar grant, she must keep her wits about her. 
Jack wants to redeem himself.
Lisa wants respect. 
He’s advancing; she’s retreating.

As her heart warms to him, she becomes embroiled in a web of deceit that ensures someone will gain billions. Lisa is being stalked. There is arson at Jack's Arizona resort spa. A wealthy Broadway producer is trying to buy the spa. And the paparazzi are having a field day with Jack's return to the social scene. 
With nowhere to hide, they must trust in each other. Could all roads lead back to London? 


Jack stood behind his desk, replacing the phone handset. His head snapped up. Shock, anger, and something she couldn’t define washed over his features. Ms. Crofton had been super quick with her emergency alert. Good for her. But Lisa had been faster.

She stopped in the middle of the room, her heart pounding. Jack’s features seemed to blur. You can’t faint now. She blinked hard, and refocused. He still looked pissed off. Without the scowl he would be as handsome as ever. Chestnut hair fell across his creased forehead, and his golden brown eyes widened, then narrowed.

            “Mr. Barron.” Lisa strode toward the huge mahogany desk, her hand outstretched. They’d made love on that desk. A wave of heat filled her as an avalanche of memories flashed by like the stock market tickertape. “I do appreciate you agreeing to see me. I won’t need much of your time—”

            “I didn’t,” he said.

            Lisa met his gaze. “Didn’t what?” she asked, feigning innocence, while holding the leather portfolio in a death grip. A tick in one side of his jaw jumped. She was certain he’d mashed down on his molars.

“Agree to see you. I could have security throw you out.” His voice was deep, almost a growl. Then he bounded from behind the desk like a wild animal, and stopped short only a foot from her.

She begged her knees not to crumple. “Oh, dear. An honest mistake.”

            “Yeah, right.” He flicked his eyebrows skyward. “What do you want?”

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  1. Congratulations to Robena Grant on her latest book, RING ME LATER.
    Be sure to check out the link to Amazon for a peek at the pages of a wonderful mystery/thriller.

  2. Thank you so much for your support, Elaine. It means so much to me. :)