Sunday, 12 January 2014

Gone Tropical

He was hired to protect her, but can she save him from his past?

Armed with an inside tip, Amy Helm arrives in Australia determined to catch her thieving ex-husband. After he absconded with five million dollars from her father’s business, the FBI thinks the trail has gone cold. But who better to catch him than the psychologist who knew him intimately?
 LAPD-turned-solitary-P.I. Jake Turner is on Amy’s tail. Hired by her estranged father to find the money and keep her out of harm, he enlists the help of an old Aussie friend. Amy knows their skills are valuable, but her hackles go up when Jake orders her to stay in Sydney.
Playing a dangerous game of catch-me-if-you-can deep in the Australian rainforest leads them into a cyclone, a fake marriage, a drug cartel, and maybe, a whole new life. It’s a dizzying ride of fear and romance, and one Amy won’t soon give up.


His voice was deep and steely. “What part of undercover don’t you get?”
She narrowed her eyes. “I was using feminine wiles, and—”
“Shut up,” Turner whispered, and abruptly turned his back to the lobby.
The same bald-headed guy she’d seen earlier spoke with the waiter. Tension coiled through Turner’s body. They were so close, the warmth of his breath fanned across her forehead. He stood taller, like he was on tiptoes or something, his chest puffed out. The bald guy walked past, ignored them, but continued to scan the lobby. He looked like he’d taken a beating.
She thumped at Turner’s chest. “Shut up?” she asked. “Where were you anyway? I’ve—”
He moved closer, his face expressionless, hazel eyes cold. “Be quiet for a minute. Please.” He gripped the hand that had done the thumping. “Play along.”
Her heart raced, and she was unsure if the burst of adrenaline was because of his closeness, or the insinuation of danger. Soap, deodorant, and light citrus after-shave, tickled at her nostrils. Then it struck her, he’d showered and she’d sat down here like an idiot, for hours. About to tell him what she thought of him, she inhaled and realized she liked his scent. The tinkle of china on the glass tabletop disturbed the moment. Jake released her hand, and turned.
“So, what was—?”
“Darling,” Turner said. He turned back to her, his hazel eyes softened, smoldered, so they looked almost green. “You haven’t had breakfast yet?”
Amy shook her head. Darling? She didn’t even know his first name, but he seemed to have a game plan, which was more than she had. And he’d made no comment about her bagel choice. Maybe if she played along, they could be partners. God he smelled sexy. Maybe they could be even more. 

This is Robena's fourth novel with the Wild Rose Press.
Robena Grant ~ author


  1. Thank you so much for spotlighting Gone Tropical, Christine. The cover looks lovely against your red backdrop. : )
    I just sent in my fifth submission to TWRP yesterday. Fingers crossed I get a contract.

  2. Great excerpt! Fun stuff! Congrats on the new release and fingers crossed for another contract!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Dee J. Fingers crossed for Corsica Gate. I loved writing that story. : )

  3. It's a pleasure to feature your book, Robena. I've no doubt you'll get another contract!!!

    1. I hope so, Christine. It would be lovely. : )

  4. Hi Robena! Great excerpt! You're on a roll. Of course you'll get another contract! :)

  5. Thank you, RoseAnn. Glad you liked the excerpt!

  6. Hi Christine & Robena!

    Christine, lovely blog. I agree with another commenter. The background color on your site really makes the book covers pop! "Gone Tropical" is as eye-catching as "Maxiumus," "Taurus," and "A Rose for Lancaster." You've discovered some color magic!

    Robena, good luck with your next submission. I have a sneaking suspicion you'll be receiving another contract pretty soon. ;)

  7. Thanks for coming by, Samanthe! I think you'd love Christine's books. I adored both Maximus and Taurus. I haven't read ARforL yet, but I will soon. : )
    And thanks for the good luck vibes!

  8. Woo! This book sounds like SO much fun. I've really gotta read it - it's burning a hole in my Kindle, lol! Hugs hon!

  9. Hey, Christine. Is that what I smelled burning all the way from L.A.? Hugs to you too! : )

  10. Looks like you've got another engrossing story for readers, Robena.
    Wishing you all the best!

  11. Thanks, Lynne. It was a ton of fun to write, so I hope the readers enjoy the relationship between the H&H.

  12. Fun excerpt, Roben! This book is next in my Kindle queue! Looking forward to it. Absolutely certain WRP will want the new book, why wouldn't they? You are a great writer!

  13. Aww, thanks, Nan! Hope you enjoy Amy and Jake's story. : )