Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Romancing with Georgie Lee

This week my featured writer is Georgie Lee, author of Studio Relations. 
Welcome Georgie!

What draws you as a reader to the romance genre?

Thank you for having me on your blog and to everyone for stopping by to read it. I love history, but history isn't always neat and tidy. Historical romance novels provide a way to get lost in a time period with the guarantee of a happy ending. Also, historical romances allow me to experience a specific historical period without all the negative things like not bathing and dying of plague.

True, I like to think my characters are squeaky clean. What is the most difficult part of writing a love story?

Lately, I've been giving my characters a lot of history with each other. It's always a challenge to mix in the history so readers understand where the characters are coming from, but not stopping the action for an info dump.

Is creating a book title easy for you? Tell us about the process.

I usually try and get the gist of the story in the title. Some stories practically name themselves, such as my first novel, Lady's Wager, where a wager is central to the plot. Other books remain stubbornly unnamed. For some reason, I had a really hard time coming up with a good title for my ancient Rome novella, Mask of the Gladiator. The final title was chosen by Carina Press who are much better at thinking up titles than I am.

Do your characters love the direction you take for them or do they have other ideas?

I nudge my characters in the direction I want them to go in, but the journey tends to be theirs. When they have their own ideas about where they want to go, I try and listen. They're usually right.

Any tips for writers that you'd love to share?

Keep trying and don't give up. There were many years when I was writing and nothing was being published and then all of a sudden, one day, all the hard work began to pay off. It's a long term career so you can't let setbacks make you quit.

Tell us about your book.

My December release, Studio Relations is a love story set in the golden age of Hollywood. Vivien Howard hasn't forgiven Weston Holmes for almost derailing her career five years ago. Female directors in 1930's Hollywood are few and far between, and a man who coasts by on his good looks and family connections can't possibly appreciate what it took for her to get to where she is. But when the studio head puts Weston in charge of overseeing Vivien's ambitious Civil War film, she realizes she has a choice: make nice with her charismatic new boss or watch a replacement director destroy her dream. 

Weston Holmes doesn't know much about making movies but he knows plenty about money. And thanks to the Depression, ticket sales are dangerously low. The studio can't afford a flop--or bad press, which is exactly what threatens to unfold when an innocent encounter between Weston and Vivien is misconstrued by the gossip rags. The only solution? A marriage of convenience that will force the bickering duo into an unlikely alliance--and guide them to their own happy Holiday ending.

Many thanks to Georgie for sharing with us and to you for stopping by! 
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