Saturday, 15 June 2013


Seven Sexy Sentences 
Sexy can be many things: a look, a touch, a whisper, a smile.


They held hands under the table, neither one willing to let go. As soon as Milo reached the loft and snored softly, Maximus pulled Carissa into his arms. He kissed her once more with a slow, lingering kiss, full of joyful discovery and controlled desire. He didn’t roam the contours of her body as freely, now that she had revealed her family lineage as a noblewoman, with a once rich and famous father who might be important to Emperor Gregorian. Everyone believed Germanicus had died years ago, but when discovered alive, the Emperor’s generosity might stretch long and far.
Carissa turned her eyes to his face, scanning the handsome contours in close proximity.
“Get to bed, and bolt the door,” he whispered. “Tonight, I can’t be responsible for my actions.”

Thanks for stopping by to read a snippet of MAXIMUS where the mutual attraction developing between the main characters is heating up.

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  1. Fabulous snippet, Christine!

  2. OOO! Very sexy snippet! :)

  3. Oh, you just know they are going to have fun! Fab snippet.

  4. Love the snippet. You've captured the emotional as well as sexual tension well.

  5. If you say 'Bolt the door' to me, you are definitely getting shagged!

    I love this snippet!

  6. You can really feel the sexual tension in this scene.

  7. Uhhh, lovely :D I love how you leave us wanting here.

  8. My thanks to all the visitors to this sexy snippet post. I've followed you all on twitter and checked out your blogs. :):)