Saturday, 22 June 2013

#Sexy Snippets

Seven Sexy Sentences 
Sexy can be many things: a touch, a whisper, a smile, a kiss.

The girl sensed the danger and pressed her mouth onto his, ending the possibility of a last-minute discovery. Her lips lingered for a long moment, much longer than he anticipated. The will to resist evaporated, and he responded to her inviting lips with equal interest as her hands explored his chest, skimming the fabric of his tunic, sliding to his shoulders. Her fingers curved around him, pressing his powerful muscles with her light touch.
“What is your name, General?” she whispered, as she released his lips.
Unable to retort acidly that it was little of her concern, he muttered, “Taurus,” in a daze. The numbness in his body began to ease.

Thank you for stopping in to check out a sexy snippet of TAURUS. The situation heats up fast between him and Kallie.   

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Book I
Imperial Desire series


  1. Great snippet, and I love the cover!

  2. Love the snippet, Christine.

  3. Fabulous Snippet.

  4. The cover is hot, and the snippet... whew. Love it. I also adore his name, Taurus. So manly, gruff, and sexy.

  5. One Hell of a snippet!