Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday ~ May 5th

      Hours later, Carissa lay beside him, their bodies pressed intimately together, when loud pounding roused them with a start. She pulled the covers over her nudity as he jumped across her and gathered his clothes. Dressing with speed, he strode to the outer door and quickly opened it. Just before he stepped over the threshold, he turned back. Regret flickered in his eyes.

      “Tell my dear friend Paulus Paulinus the death of Septimus Gregorian has begun to be avenged.” Sarcasm dripped from the man’s words. Then he walked out.
      Carissa’s jaw slackened, and a feeling of pure dread filled her body. By all the gods of Rome! Her heart pounded at the deception played upon her. Her marriage was ruined by this devious trick. Her husband-to-be would never accept her now...used and spoiled by a stranger.
      Jumping out of the bed, she quickly straightened the blanket, hastily washed and dressed, and after smoothing her hair, ran around the room in circles looking for evidence of what had taken place. She spotted the spilled wine. Quickly she mopped it up with a cloth and moved the woven rug to cover the dark stain.

      When she recalled what had taken place in that room just a few short hours ago, a blush rose to her cheeks. She pressed her hand to her forehead and squeezed her eyes shut. Think! No one else knew the truth of what went on, and if she played it properly she could brazen out her innocence. She would insist nothing had taken place. Her father’s people would remain loyal and stay silent.

      Say nothing! Say nothing! She repeated over and over again, until she convinced herself she just might get away with it.

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  1. Loved this excerpt and the one before it. It makes me want to read more in this setting and time period.

    1. So happy you enjoyed the excerpt, Delynn. Thanks for stopping by. :):)