Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday ~ May 12th

Book I
 of the Imperial Desire

Carissa peered over the side of the ravine, her insides twisting in despair. There must be a way to pull her son out of its slippery depths.

 Impossible to do alone, she had no choice but to run to town for help, even though it would take half the morning. But she hesitated at leaving her son alone. At twelve years old, he thought himself a man. To her, he was still a child, heedless of the danger in exploring his surroundings.

“Caius, stay where you are! I will go for help. It’s too dangerous to attempt the climb.”

He waited, unconcerned by his predicament, standing on a narrow ledge, half a cubit from falling to a certain death.

“I can do it. Really, Mother, I can.”

Carissa leaned over further. Beneath her foot the ground crumbled away. Small stones fell into the space below. “Caius, stay there.”

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Book II
of the Imperial Desire series
Book II of the Imperial Desire series.


  1. Welcome to Sneak Peek! Intriguing excerpt you have there.

  2. Thanks, Nikki. I'm enjoying the Sneak Peek Sundays!! :)