Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday ~ April 28

“Come, let us share a drink to the joyous day ahead of us.” He reached for the wine jug and poured its contents into two goblets of the finest silver, gave one to Carissa, and took her hand in his. With some hesitation, he looked into her eyes, turned away, and downed his drink in one gulp. A fine white scar ran from his cheekbone down to his chiseled jaw.

“Forgive me!” he whispered. “I am nervous about the coming days.” He stared into his empty cup. “You are much younger than I imagined. A mere girl, blossoming into womanhood.”

Carissa nodded. She knew the feeling of nerves well. She had dreamed about marriage and a family, but when the marriage festivities ended, a couple soon discovered if they truly welcomed the arrangement.

“You are beautiful, and I am well pleased. Now, to bed, my little wife,” he ordered firmly.

Carissa dropped her goblet, and it hit the floor with a thud. Red wine spilled across the wood, leaving a puddle like blood. She wanted to protest, but they were legally betrothed, an arrangement as good as a marriage in the eyes of the law. She dare not argue on their first encounter.

He pulled her gently but insistently to the bedroom and closed the door.


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